• http://stevelichtman.com/ Steve Online

    You know what happens? I open up an email on my cell once. If it works great. If I have to jump through hoops I block it or unsubscribe from their mailing list because it’s not worth the hassle. 90% of my email is pre-read on the phone and then the ones requiring action are worked on from the desktop.

  • Matt McGee

    I suspect that’s a fairly common scenario, Steve. I often do the same, but with the iPad.

  • http://www.socialbakers.com/ Michal Smetana

    I just don’t get it. In today’s society where the unavoidable trend of ‘going mobile’ can be clearly seen, there are still so many people that are disregarding this trend. And what surprises me even more that they are doing it and they are harming themselves. If you were a mobile device user and the email sent to you wouldn’t be optimized for your device, what would you do? Would you even read it? I don’t think so.

  • http://twitter.com/EHubbman Emily Hubbman

    Just like most all the comments have said previously: people won’t read it if it’s hard to read. Studies have shown that responsive emails get more response: http://marketing.anchormobile.net/blog/bid/228837/Email-Marketing-Responsive-Design-Drives-More-Results

    Like Michael said: by NOT acknowledging mobile, businesses are hurting themselves and their brand.

  • sjehutch

    I agree with this write up this was the reason we started postcard.mx