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    I think more than anything, this shows the disconnect between “the average person” and people on Twitter. We get tunnel vision and forget that all that noise being generated by the Twitterverse (which is still a tiny minority compared to the population at large) only seems loud because we’re in that fishbowl. It still represents a fishbowl however, and not the sea.

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    Just because we are watching it doesn’t mean we like NBC’s coverage.  We watched it for Michael Phelps and the U.S. women’s soccer & volleyball.  Saying NBC is doing a great job because people are watching it is like saying the only girl in a town is popular.

  • http://twitter.com/MichelleRobbins MichelleRobbins

    @twitter-17570941:disqus that may be true as a ratings argument, but as for the survey, it went specifically to whether or not people do like/have been happy with the coverage – not whether or not they are watching. And people overwhelming said ‘yes’ as to the actual coverage. From the article – “A whopping 77% of television watchers gave the coverage ‘good/excellent’ and the coverage received 70% ‘good/excellent’ rating from those streaming or following on social media.”The link to the complete survey data is included at the bottom of the post.

  • Joel R

    NBC locked online streaming to cable subscribers only.  NBC only showed about 5% of all Olympic matches. 

    There were so many events I wanted to watch that I just couldn’t. 

  • Mike Williams

    The American Media has trained America to feast on soundbites and commercials. It has nothing to do with journalism anymore, or even presenting a true image of an event. It is all about maximizing the earning potential of any situation and milking it for every possible penny.