• PMDigital1

    While 30% of the clicks are not real, they are not
    necessarily all fraudulent. What these fake clicks are caused by are the bots that
    crawl sites for various reasons; these bots are counted as impressions, and ads
    are subsequently served because they look like a user on the site. For example,
    PM Digital partakes in bots itself, which in turn, count as impressions. The
    agency runs a proprietary link checker that checks all of our clients’ links
    for 2 things: 1) error 404 pages, 2) out of stock language. We check out
    clients’ links every day and send results of bad pages and out of stock
    language to immediately update and optimize. I would not consider those clicks “fraudulent” but it is true that they are served display impressions that nobody actually
    A consolidated move toward viewable impressions would knock
    out these erroneous clicks, and streamline the ad buying system.
    -Suzy Sandberg
    President of Global Media, PM Digital

  • http://www.brand.com/blog James R. Halloran

    I honestly don’t think “viewability” should be what they’re after. Conversions should always be the end result. In fact, Google teamed up with Spider.io in order to combat this problem of ad bots exactly.

    It’ll be nice to see what they do with it in the near future!