• Chris Zaharias

    AdRoll’s a great partner to Facebook and one we respect for bringing a self-service solution to market for the thousands of small to midsize advertisers who want in on the FBX Landrush.

    That said, retargeting is a much more complex undertaking than most people realize, most notably in the areas of

    – capturing, processing and mapping 1st party data to create dynamic ads;

    – modeling FBX auction dynamics, ad recency, frequency, cost, revenue and margin data to achieve optimial ROI

    Retargeting is still in its early days, and here at Triggit we’re betting that the top 5000 direct response advertisers – you know, the ones that account for 80%+ of SEM spend despite there being 1M+ AdWords advertisers – will want & need a hybrid technology/services approach to win the FBX landrush. Such has been the case in the SEM world, where despite the rise of automated SEM platforms like Kenshoo, Efficient Frontier and Marin, skilled internal and agency professionals make all the different.