• http://twitter.com/RushLibraughl Rush Libraughl

    Interesting article but I’d note that some retail apps (Banana Republic for iOS) for example actually uses their mobile website within the app to give the appearance of a completely native application.

    I’m not sure if such techniques are considered in this study and how those kinds of apps land on the mobile web or mobile app scale.

  • http://luisgalarza.blogspot.com/ Luis Galarza

    I read a mobile marketing report the other day that said that only 35% of those people who download apps actually use them… This make you think before investing in your next mobile application.

  • http://www.iwebsquare.co.uk/ iWebSquare

    Both have their own importance and usage. I prefer a mobile web than Apps. Mobile Web can be compatible to all mobile phone devices while apps is specific to device.

  • http://www.mosaictec.com Mosaic Technology

    I personally prefer to have the option of choosing
    between an app and mobile web. Not all retailers have the means to have both available,
    but consumer choice is definitely a plus. I prefer to use a mobile app for
    stores I use frequently, whereas I would prefer a mobile website for a retailer
    I seldom use.



    Mosaic Technology


  • http://jeffdownerbailbonds.com/ Jeff Downer Indianapolis IN

    I’m an Android user and memory space for apps is an issue.  Until I can move any app I want to to a SD card (a size  of my choosing), I will use the mobile website instead of cluttering my phone with rarely used apps.

  • Sergey Olkhovoy

    I prefer to use a one application to access all social websites I need.
    But as for me for shops it’s more comfortable to use web browser