• http://www.netspeaksolutions.com/ Stephen J Dow

    Nice article Kelsey. Regarding your last point, “Social Media Has To Be Collaborative, Not Promotional” – I fear that social media is becoming more and more promotional and less and less collaborative. It is evident in our work with SMB clients that social media for these businesses has very limited value (from an ROI perspective) and that the bigger social platforms are mainly working hardest to monetize their social platforms via advertising (using people’s social data without their consent). This is not what people “signed-up for” when getting on one or more social networks. I don’t know what you think, but I see Facebook Home as a “MySpace moment”. We’ll see…

  • CreativeWordWorks

    Nice article Kelsey.

    I’d add that social media access on TV is more about TV manufacturers wanting to keep eyeballs in front of TV sets in preference to mobile devices than the social media itself.