• Sensor Tower

    Hi Ashley,

    App marketers should also be aware of how ASO will be affected by the next Apple and Google updates. For example, because of the new format of search results in iOS 8, screenshots will be even more important. Promo videos will also be available, so publishers should certainly take advantage of that.

    A few other tips that came to mind…

    – Apple helps you rank better for your ASO keywords in the first 7 days after the initial launch of your app. If you see a sharp drop in your keyword rankings, then this is the reason why.
    – When choosing keywords for the App Store and Google Play, you should prioritize: app relevance, Difficulty Score, then Traffic Score…in that order. Most beginners get it wrong by looking at Traffic Score first.
    – Apple can delete keywords without telling you. This is why it is important that you track them closely.
    – ASO is a continuous process. You cannot set it once and forget about it.
    – Deep-linking into an app can create better app engagement and possibly better search rankings.
    – Removing “fake likes” from an app’s Facebook page can improve audience engagement.

    Hope that helps…


  • Ashley Kemper

    Great points Hugh! The ASO landscape is changing almost as rapidly as SEO these days. No rest for weary marketers!