• Pat Grady

    Wow, it’s like you have a copy of our internal GDN playbook! (We don’t actually have a document, am complimenting here, not accusing you of copying!) Good stuff!

  • Shelley Ellis

    Thank you, Pat.

  • Shelley Ellis

    You don’t have to wait 48 hours to see what placement URL’s your ads are showing on if you have your AdWords account connected to Google Analytics. You can actually seem them in (almost) real time.

    In Analytics go to AdWords | Campaigns | Secondary Dimension and choose Placement URL. You can see the URL’s by campaign or by AdGroup level. If you code your campaign and AdGroup names (I use -CD- for computer devices, -MD- for mobile devices, -TD- for tablet devices, etc.) then you can filter out your placement performance for various types of campaigns.

  • ellenfoley

    I need to go to a boot camp on these issues in the Midwest. anyone have tips on who might offer something after the holidays. I can’t go to Vegas.

  • Francis Shovlin

    You can also download an automatic placement report through the Dimensions tab. This way, you can easily see how a domain is performing across your entire account or at the campaign level instead of needing to do it manually!