• http://twitter.com/SamanthaWinning Samantha McCormick

    Sort of by accident, I needed to leverage Pinterest to 

  • http://twitter.com/vicdrabicky Vic Drabicky

     Love this comment and love that you have found a way to use Pinterest to benefit your business.  To be clear, I was not saying Pinterest is bad or that people should avoid it.  I more wanted to make the point that it is the shiny new object everyone is in love with right now – and far too often people run from shiny object to shiny object to feel cutting edge, but in reality they are doing none of them very well and typically are failing at the basics too.  Instead, get all the basics right, evaluate each new thing as it comes along, and if it is right for you, go test it!  If it isn’t, that’s ok.  Don’t get suckered into things just because they are new and shiny.

    Thanks for the comment.  Keep me updated on the Pinterest success!


  • http://twitter.com/SamanthaWinning Samantha McCormick

    Oh, understood – this is meant to really offer a success story — and hopefully hear about successes that others have found. Also, I completely agree that Pinterest is incredibly time-consuming… I’ve definitely spent far too much time testing things that just have not worked with our audience. Ah, well. If you never try it, you’ll never know! That pesky shiny-thing syndrome strikes again..

  • http://www.alancharlesworth.eu/ Alan Charlesworth

    Totally agree with your comments Vic.
    I am not a ‘Self-Appointed Industry
    Expert’, though I have written some books on this whole ‘e’ thing – so some
    people might consider me to me some kind of ‘expert’. I am certainly not a
    vendor – which might give me a more objective view on things. I have also been
    around a while – I can remember when the web was a ‘shiny new object’. And I
    attract new Twitter followers like flies when I don’t send any Tweets.
    I would take your comments a stage
    further. Do a find-and-replace for Pinterest and put Facebook and/or Twitter
    into your article and it still makes sense. Yes of course there will be
    successes [as the previous comment from Samantha
    proves] and for some organizations Facebook and/or Twitter have increased
    sales/profits/brand/something-else-worth-having-other-than-likes. But my
    research – and we are seeing others finding the same – says that for the
    majority of organizations, the shine has soon gone off of their venture into

    Just my thoughts based on my –
    independent – observations.

    Cue deluge of abuse from
    Facebook/Twitter vendor/self-appointed
    industry experts :-)

  • http://twitter.com/vicdrabicky Vic Drabicky

     Fine and replace….I wish I had typed that.   Good stuff Alan!

    – v