• PStrohm

    So how come some bloggers still calls it a ghost town?

  • Michael Perrigo

    Primarily because by and large the interactions on G+ are shared between circles and not always publically. Most reports actually only gauge public interaction because that’s all these companies can grab for analytics legally.

    At any rate, Google+ now shows profile views on each profile. Check it out!

  • http://about.me/trapolino Christina Trapolino

    Because of internet politics. When Google+ upset several news outlets with perceived “snubs,” Silicon Valley and other tech bloggers got riled up and committed to the ghost town narrative. The rest is bandwagon riding.

  • http://almightylewry.wordpress.com almightylewry

    Damn, actually wanted to read the study but costs $499, based on the figures above there seems to be less of a count on branded posts on the Google+ side, could this have skewed the figures slightly? would be interesting to see the figures over more of a defined parameter e.g. 1000 branded posts on each platform.

  • http://www.searchlocalhq.com/ Toby Crabtree

    Google+ is indeed a very useful way to market and promote your business. For any start up , Google+ can work wonders for your business.

  • http://etechnologytips.com/ James Howard

    Because some bloggers join G+ only for SEO intention.