• Candy Bomb

    People are freaking out because a TON of accounts were deleted tonight, without warning, for “TOS violations”. Some of these people did nothing wrong! I lost about 20 followers tonight, all real people who had nothing offensive, copyrighted, or inappropriate in ther photo streams.

  • gumbii garcia

    my comment got deleted and i just got it back 20 minutes ago… it was deleted for two hours… i did nothing wrong… i emailed them, and got a response an hour later… then it came back on without a warning… i was all bummed out because i thought i had to get a new phone… it didn’t let me register a new account or anything… it was hell… LOL…. i posted a textagram about it on my profile… check it out… @gumbii_garcia thx…

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Yes, the story notes that there’s apparently been a number of TOS deletions. That’s radically different than rumors that if you’re not posting, or if you’re not posting with the Instagram camera itself, you’ll get deleted. Hopefully we’ll hear back soon from Instagram on the TOS situation.

  • Sam

    And this is what happens when Facebook interferes with a good thing.

  • Kira Quabeck

    My account @kiraquabeck was deleted due to service violations but I did not violate anything!!!