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    Nice ideas! Most affiliate managers don’t manage with a strategy so these ideas are great. Most affiliate managers don’t ever attempt to get personal enough with their affiliates to form the kind of close personal relationships needed to increase production. The other reason they don’t attempt to do this, by including their phone number for example, is because they don’t have enough background or training in online marketing to even be able to help their affiliates out really. In order to truly deliver the highest level of affiliate management and increase productivity is to help your affiliates with education and actual strategies to get more traffic to their website and do social media better. As some that runs 50 affiliate programs and has done it for the last 10 years, affiliate management is all about the effort you put into bond with your affiliates, yes each and every one regardless of skill level. Of course, knowing how to recruiting new affiliates is hugely important to growing the program, so if you can’t do that effectively you’re not going to grow the program much or have a lot of people to work with!