• Larry Moniz

    Really? All I see are people who’ve decided Facebook is a monumental waste of time and effort and a significant (but very subtle) invasion of members privacy. I cancelled after realizing I was spending 10 hours or more per week with idle chit-chat with people I’ve never met and/or had no real interest in learning what they ate, where they went of vacation or what kind of animals they liked. In addition, I found Facebook to be mind-numbing rather than stimulating. If I want to have my mind-numbed, I’d prefer a stiff drink to to a moronic political chat-any day.

  • http://rhenwilson.com/ Rhen Wilson

    This data in no way justifies limiting the organic reach of Pages. If users have truly likes these Pages through choice, then Facebook owes it to its user to ensure they see all updates from these Pages. If, over time, the users decide they don’t like the Pages’ content, it should be the users’ choice to unlike the Page, not Facebook’s choice to hide the Page altogether.

    I write about this more in depth on my blog if anyone’s interested: http://www.rhenwilson.com/2014/04/facebooks-meaningful-experience-has.html