• Avtar Ram Singh

    Interestingly enough, Barack Obama’s “Four More Years” FB post has 4.4 million likes.

  • http://texrat.net/ texrat

    That’s a winning photo for sure. Looked like fun for all.

  • http://www.brand.com/blog James R. Halloran

    Almost 3 million retweets! That’s incredible! And that is one hell of a photo!

  • http://lostpr.es/ David Iwanow

    Hmmm with something like 4-5 times the audience I would expect a far higher amount of Likes on the Facebook post. But one interesting piece of data that is missing is which post got the higher number of impressions/views?

  • Cardi Chievo

    Barack Obama’s reelection post has 4.4 million likes, not tweets!