• Slip1988

    #2 – Really? Spam traps can open and click? Sounds more like “scamtraps.”

  • Anthony

    Tom, do you have any supportive data from spam trap operators that claim they do open mail and even click through mail?

  • http://emailblog.eu Remy Bergsma

    Missing myth: you don’t need a text version anymore. Apparently, email filters/providers are still comparing them both – Spamassassin for instance gives 2+ points for bad match. See http://spamassassin.apache.org/tests_3_3_x.html

  • Mohammed Ahmed

    Another myth: Tuesdays to Thursdays are good time for delivery. It all depends on user engagement. I check my mail on Mondays and Fridays too. If you have good targeted user base then you can sent them anytime. They actually wait for your mail/offer if it is legit and outstanding.

  • http://www.emailmonks.com/ Email Monks

    Despite following the email marketing best practices, email delivery has always been a conundrum for many marketers, giving rise to such myths. Thank you Tom for clarifying them for us! Email Message can be effective but that’s after delivery of the message to inbox. Agreed The game is not over unless it is delivered. The truths to these myths imply monitoring your email delivery frameworks. Our article on how to do so may be of interest to you: http://www.emailmonks.com/blog/email-marketing/4-verses-to-an-effective-email-delivery/