• Dennis, ListsUK

    Interesting stats, Amanda – thank you.
    But any chance of testing again to compare the difference in response between the following:
    a/ emails with CTA above the fold only
    b/ same email, but with CTA below the fold only
    Thank you :)

  • Nick Leech

    Above the fold got 13% clicks. But which version converted the best?

    It would be worth placing the CTA below the fold if those users who clicked were >13% more qualified because they had been intrigued enough to continue reading…

  • http://twitter.com/maccgizzle Jason McGovern

    How do you know where the user’s browser cuts off? Were you only testing on a specific device like an iPhone? If you don’t know then how do you know it was above or below the fold?

  • http://intechcenter.com/ Jorge

    Some time ago I opted not to make this choice. I included all the newsletter information on a web page on my site, and next just sent the people in my mailing lists the notification “The new [Brand] bulletin is live. Click here to read it.”

    In my experience, it does wonders.