• http://www.MonikaRunstrom.com MonikaRun

    What’s funny is I had the opposite thought. When I first opened this view I was impressed that so many brands already had logos and images showing! This is a beta (or even alpha) from Google/Gmail and was just released last week. It will take brands a little while to catch on, but I think there are a lot that are already doing a great job!
    Do we have any idea of how many people have implemented this new view yet? Has Google released info to marketers or email providers on best practices for this layout?
    I think there will be a lot of testing happening from marketers over the next few weeks, but I for one like this new view. In the past week I’ve noticed that I’ve opened emails from companies that I hadn’t opened in months because their images intrigued me.

  • http://www.outblu.com snowalker

    wondering if the new look counts as openings.

  • Bruce (@Brudaddy)

    Good info, but I would personally be very resistant to using this “grid” view. I don’t like it at all.

  • http://www.trendlineinteractive.com/ Trendline Interactive

    I think what is important to remember here is that Grid View is a field trial and you need to look at a few things before you run out and spend resource time optimizing for this:
    1. How big is your gmail subscriber base?
    2. How much of that gmail subscriber base is looking at their email using a browser and not mobile or desktop?
    3. How much of that gmail subscriber base contributes to revenue and engagement over time?

    Last but not least…this is a field trial and to assume that a substantial portion…..heck even 5% of your gmail subscriber base has actually signed up for this or even will utilize IF it ever leave the field trial should determine whether or not to sink time into analyzing and testing this.

    Andrew Kordek