• http://hotblogtips.com/ Brian D. Hawkins

    There’s another WP plugin called Blackbird Pie, it’s pretty cool. I’ve used it for a couple of “Best Blogging Tip Tweets”. It’s awesome that Twitter is moving forward with things that can help marketers and bloggers. I guess it’s not great news for the people that built the plugins though. 

  • Matt McGee

    Yes, thanks for mentioning that one, Brian. I forgot about it when writing this article. I tried Blackbird Pie but preferred Embedly because of all the other options. 

  • http://www.brettburky.com/ brettburky

    What is your opinion on the best way to get posts straight from WordPress to twitter and Facebook.
    I know it’s kind off topic, but reading this reminded me of it.

    any help is appteciated

  • Matt McGee

    Hey Brett — I’ve used Dlvr.it to autopost from blog to Twitter. It can take any RSS feed and autopost. But I don’t autopost to Facebook. Those posts tend to get very little visibility.

  • http://twitter.com/jergrif73 Jeremiah Griffith

    This is a great idea on Twitter’s part. Screen shots aren’t necessarily tied to Twitter. This code will be, thereby creating that much more traffic on Twitter.