• companyemails

    I find it ridiculous that people are bitching about Shared Endorsements. So it is OK for you to write a review on Local about a place or service which anyone can read and see you name and picture on, but it is not OK to show a link to that review in relevant ads to the people in your circles? If so then why the fuck did you write the review in the first place? Even more confusing, why bitch about it when Google has gone out of its way to tell you how to opt out of this (something no other major web advertiser – Ahem facebook – does)?

  • Aaron Berlin

    Exactly. I have a hard time getting exercised that, if I take the time to write a review of something with my real name attached, I wouldn’t want that review shared with people I know. What was the point of writing it?

  • http://googleplushelper.blogspot.fi/ Jaana Nyström

    It’s just ridiculous how the mags are trying to rip off headlines:
    Google is being very transparent about the whole thing and every user by now knows how to opt out.

    Facebook shows ads where “a friend” has endorsed it without actually even liking or endorsing: Why is not one of these rags writing about that?

    Oh dear. Things must be going very bad, even for Huffington post…

  • garynsmith

    HA HA – and you think publishing unsubstantiated news stories to gain attention to your scribble all-tha-while coaxing others to blow it up even more is something new!

    Danny – my man…you’re the one duped here, not Huff&Puff!!

    Their bulls-eye shot was exactly what they were shooting for as they fired their hyper-sensationalized reported bull-poop. Calling them out is going to prove what? .. that dirt sells? Hype-no-teased into responding to their crap you were.

    Sometimes the smell dissipates quicker when it’s not stepped in.