• daveintheuk

    Meanwhile, Google continues to keep the true extent of the quantity and nature of data about its users it harvests, processes, uses and exploits for commercial gain. They aren’t bothered about their privacy – they are jealous guardians.

  • Stephen_Dow

    Eric Schmidt specifically said that his company (Google) has tightened its encryption and believes that its users data is safer. The key words to focus on are, “Believes that its user data is safer.” Why? Because he doesn’t say it actually is!

    The title of your article is, “Eric Schmidt: Google User Data Safe From Prying Eyes, Even The US Governments.” Well, all I can say is that Mr. Schmidt did NOT say any data was safer on the Google network, nor is there any way for anyone to verify whether data is “safe or safer” on Google (except for specific Google staffers).

    So, what was the point of your article then? Poor journalism?

  • Martin Beck

    Hi Steven,

    You are correct; thanks for pointing out that the headline overstated Mr. Schmidt’s position. We’ve changed it to *safer*, which I believe is definitely the point he intended to make.


  • http://cashwithatrueconscience.com/rbblog Ryan Biddulph

    I feel data is more secure, and trust Google, but if the government wants your data, they are getting it ;)