• Sabih Ahmed

    That’s awesome. A great addition and marketers should understand and make the most from this new feature of Gmail. With that, marketers should look what they are sending and how.

  • http://www.sarriscandies.com NORM CANDELORE

    Stupid every business should boycott Gmail and
    Google and see if they like us running their business like they are trying to
    run ours. Google has taking a good
    product “Gmail” and is not trying determining what services and emails we can
    and can’t receive. Another violation of
    our freedoms, they want us to support their business while they make senseless changes
    that could and will hurt ours. Not a
    good addition.

  • http://www.krishtechnolabs.com/ Krish TechnoLabs

    Assuming that Google needs to truly address the issue of erroneously reported spam totally, then there should be a “Simply unsubscribe button” that doesn’t check it as spam.