• Uri Lederman

    hmm, I thought that scribblelive did not allow for PUBLIC syndication of events.. awesome…

  • http://www.netspeaksolutions.com/ Stephen J Dow

    So far the Facebook Home app doesn’t appear to be advancing a user’s view of being “social”… To me it appears quite revolting, since “it appears to be” little more than a means to obtain massive quantities of FB user data in order to dominate the mobile ad space? It also “appears” to be a combination of Graph Search and FB Chat in one? As a marketer, I fear we all may be letting ourselves get duped by the “wow” aspects – without considering the possible negatives? I wonder if user privacy will become an issue?

  • http://twitter.com/Caff_Ntrl Caffeinated Neutral

    Anyone else feel extremely underwhelmed by the news?

  • http://twitter.com/04Beata BEATA WALCZAK

    I wonder between android and windows in your phone, cramps can advise?

    interesting blog, I like :)…