• http://astonvilla.ie/ Peter Chatham

    I’m pretty sure it will improve everyone’s experience.
    As the famous saying goes “If you always do the same thing you’ll always get the same results.”
    You’re not telling us that you do not want an improved marketing platform just because you’re too lazy to keep up to date with these changes. If so, the social media / digital marketing is probably the wrong field for you.

    I bet you didn’t like it when the wall was swapped for a timeline too… but you know what – after about 5 minutes you realised, it’s much better” The same will apply here.

  • Mike Lukjaniec

    One of my Facebook Pages has been changed to the new design, just as I was about to upload 3 custom apps! The timeline cover image has been messed up because the Page name clashes with a tagline at the bottom. This is bad enough but where are the custom tabs displayed?