• Larry Kim

    looks a lot better than what they had before. Danny! Lack of re-targeting was one of the big reasons i was saying FB ads were stinkers back in may.

  • Maggie Tattersall

    Thanks. Very interesting. I’m just trying to figure if G+ are using comments in posts to target ads. I seem to have had ads following me around after mentioning them in posts. Do you have any information on that? Are you aware that Google operating a similar retargeting system? I’m guessing it does.

  • http://twitter.com/maldavanumber1 daniel

    Nice work Danny. Do you think Facebook using our privet messages for FBX?

  • Pat Grady

    In the affiliate sphere, with rampant rebrokering / redistribution of cross published links that masked real transparency, we’ve seen years of sub-affiliate id “CPA” networks fraught with privacy and consumer abuse problems. Similarly, in the shared tagged retargeting sphere, because there are simply too many taps (into or out of the ecosystem), each one individually cannot effectively know the actual information sources (or destinations) daisy chained to one another. A few bad apples spoil the barrel, and isolating the bad apples is a constantly moving shell game. Stock market exchanges have strict rules and oversight for each participant (buyer or seller) at their core, with a single entity responsible for enforcement… imagine if instead of having their oil pipeline tap oversight structure, they had remarketing’s open exchange layered ring structure… yep, a storm is brewing. Google’s rightful fear of govt(s) intervention has them shaping their own pipe with internal single entity tap oversight, but the others don’t feel that pressure, yet.

  • Pat Grady

    The question isn’t whether you trust XYZ to choose their partners wisely, they choose partners who each also choose partners (via cross brokering). What a tangled web they’re weaving.

  • http://twitter.com/bretlowery Bret Lowery

    “Currently, I no longer get either ad above, which were showing this morning. I also don’t get ads for any new items I put into my basket. It could just be something that’s unique to me, but I suspect Walgreens might have been a bit freaked out by my question and put retargeting on hold.”

    If you checked same-day, it’s likely a frequency capping of the ad prevented viewing. Ads are often frequency capped to a max number of views per day per user browsing. This is to spread budget around as many users as possible, and to avoid psychological turnoff to seeing the same ad over and over.

  • Pat Grady

    “advertisers should be working with 1st party retargeters” should, exactly.

  • http://twitter.com/bradflora Brad Flora

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