• keaner

    another reason to drop facebook, these guys just don’t get that you cant shove ads in someones face on a platform meant to talk to friends on.

    I’m on Facebook to talk to my friends, these ads are the equivalent of someone popping in between us and starting a different convo on something useless.

  • Alan

    Google does it.. you going to drop Google? Not saying I don’t agree with you but it is not only Facebook doing it.

  • SirVon Thomas

    Finally facebook grows up and is About To start Making Big Boy msft/appl/goog $. Fb = long

  • Guest

    what happened to my comment ?

  • Guest

    my email address is wrong how do i edit it

  • Wayne Williams

    Facebook has gone from being a social media website to a advertising marketing website. I want to snoop on my friends and family, chat and find out whats going on in my social circle. Not to find out who shops in Tesco’s or buys PG Tips tea bags.
    I know if I went to the local shop and bought a fresh loaf of bread and a pint of milk. I would not expect the shop keeper to take my details and distribute them to all his suppliers. By the time I get home having 20 emails and 40 texts asking me if I wanted some tea bags with my milk.
    There are places for advertisement, but not on my Facebook page. One of the reasons that Formula 1 went to BBC is that no body likes adverts in the middle of the action. What next, adverts in the middle of my DVD or Blue-Ray film.

  • http://www.socialbakers.com/ Michal Smetana

    I don’t think this is a reason to drop Facebook. I’m not lobbying for Facebook or anything, but what sites you use regularly don’t make money from ads (except Wikipedia of course)? Google, Bing, blogs – where do you think they make money? If you don’t want to use Facebook because of ads, don’t. But then you should also drop Google and other sites, because these ads – as you say – will never be the reason why you’ll visit these sites. Don’t you think?