• Hardik Dangar

    What i believe is there algorithms have really broke the Facebook. this namo company who manages ads for FB in your streams has created huge advt in your fb feed which is much more of a problem + all this social marketing gurus telling all page owner to engage your audience via games or questions and post x times has created so much fb spam that people are literally tired of it.

    If you want to expermient yourself something create lists of your close friends and then view those lists and your timeline you will totally diffrent timeline. to generate revenue FB has completely gone nuts and pollute timeline so much its no more releavance. I and many of my friends have felt the same way as we come to social networks to know about each other but some idiot marketing company’s fresh dumpy idea is given more priority then my friends update and its not showen to me then its not social network any more.

  • http://www.evemilano.com/ Giovanni Sacheli

    In my personal opinion, I would like to have the control of my stream and decide if a source is good for me or not. If I see my stream with 1.500 updates… so I will remove some like or simply mute someone, it is not that hard… Maybe in FB they think we are assholes… I don’t like that an algorithm or someone else does it for me. That’s it

  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    The explanation makes sense, but is no less frustrating to marketers. Facebook is a difficult platform to drive sales as it is, and now companies are finding the value of the fans they money acquiring going down. Why should marketers & businesses spend money on acquiring fans if they don’t even see the content that’s posted? The benefit of fans needs to be clearer for people to continue to invest in the platform.

  • http://www.willcollection.com WillCollection

    Maybe an option for users to tell fb include posts frm this page to my newsfeed.

  • Milan Kuruc Preceda

    SOLUTION: Facebook should just provide an option for each user to choose if their want to see posts on their wall filtered by fb algorithm or they want to see all posts in real time.

  • http://www.elirose.com/ Liz

    Facebook can claim whatever it wants, but it *deliberately* turned down Reach. There were plenty of pages that always focused on original, high-quality content, and consistently achieved 10-30% organic Reach. But now those same pages are getting 1-2%.

  • http://www.elirose.com/ Liz

    Agreed. Spend money on gaining new fans…just to have MORE people who don’t see your content? Makes no sense.

  • RyanMJones

    how can I say this bluntly? In the early days of facebook lots of brands bought likes, or had contests (against the TOS by the way) that required you to like them on facebook in order to win. Contest seekers and bought likes don’t engage. It’s these brands that are seeing the biggest hurt now because most of their likes and followers weren’t really interested in the brand anyway.

  • http://jumixdesign.com JumixDesign

    I always share content that is helpful and knowledge sharing but I keep see a great declining in my organic post reach.
    Facebook is making it more frustrating for marketers, and soon all will just quit.

  • http://prostart.me/ Dinesh Agarwal

    You can’t use ads to buy fans. You don’t have to show your ads to your fans only. Using professional marketers’ tools such as Fan Harvest you can easily target a large set of people without spending big bucks. You might or might not get more fans from these campaigns but you are going to get sales. That is what matters.

  • http://InfluxStrategies.com/ Influx Strategies

    Its just not the platform for you… time to explore Google+

  • http://www.krishtechnolabs.com/ Krish TechnoLabs

    Each platforms do have their limitations and advantages and as a business your success depends how much advantages you can accumulate from these social sites.