• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=38512532 Bryan Nagy

    Great, I like the new interest lists, and I definitely think it was a smart competitive move to help leverage them against Google+ and Twitter. 

    Here is a good run through of how the new interest lists work for pages:


  • http://www.cyberlinkmedia.com/ DanceF

    I like the idea.  As a social media manager, I use Twitter lists all the time and I am hoping these Interest Lists will work in a similar manner.  I have started only one list so far, as it takes a bit of time to curate a list of proportion, but I wil be working on it in my spare hours!   i like the idea that people can follow your lists, much like on Twitter.  That’s where leaders lead and followers follow.  Thanks for the post.  

  • Elizabeth Ricci

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