• http://www.neevgoldkin.com/ Neev Goldkin

    I’m confused by the break down in the image. It may just be that I’m tired…

  • Nate Teague

    Hi Martin, thanks for this update. Will Facebook Groups still be able to use a gate?

  • http://marketingland.com/ Martin Beck

    @nateteague:disqus Hi Nate. A like gate for Groups? How does that work?

  • Ralph Nap

    Thanks for the info. Very concise, succinct and helpful. Question: Will we still be able to put up gates for post likes instead of page likes?

  • http://marketingland.com/ Martin Beck

    Hi Ralph. That I do not know. Facebook being clear about cutting off the ability to display content only to people who have liked a page. Can you share an example of a post gate?

  • Ralph Nap

    With 22social.com you can put up a “Like” gate as part of their setup. I’m guessing one can do the same for your people to like your post instead of your page, but am not sure if that capability even exists. Seems like an easy switch to me, but I don’t write apps…I’m working with a page that already has 84,000 likes with high engagement.

  • http://contestdomination.com/ Travis

    Any and all like gates that unlock content will stop working. Facebook is going to make the response to apps (which is how they tell if someone has liked something or not) to respond with “liked”.

    This means even if you have a like gate for your content or page, it will automatically show because there will no longer be a specific indication for those who haven’t actually liked the page or content you’ve asked them to.

    That being said.. I can see why Facebook would want to kill this. Creates a big group of lukewarm prospects at best (instead of really interested fans). As a brand, you shouldn’t be too sad to see this go because like gates have increased your cost per lead.

    You can still suggest that people like you on Facebook and a lot will organically like you if you’ve provided them with actual value.

    Aside from vanity metrics (ie social proof) your total like count shouldn’t be your measuring stick anyway since the organic reach of posts has completely fallen off a cliff in the past few months.

  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    Could this be a step towards Facebook increasing organic visibility for pages again? Or are they just fighting back against scammers?

  • Adam Interact

    Well, I have same feeling. Examples 2 and 3 are similar from a point of logical view and even #3 requires more events to trigger 50 free messages where #2 fall under new FB rule (just send invites to get all).

  • http://marketingland.com/ Martin Beck

    Got it. I doubt that like-gating a post was possible and as Travis points out above, it definitely is forbidden in the new policy.

  • http://marketingland.com/ Martin Beck

    Looking back at this, I agree with you both that the example raises questions. I’ll try to get to the bottom of it and report back.

  • Aaron Hockel

    Martin, does this apply only to “fan gates”? My question is this:

    Is putting up a post that says “Like our page for a chance to win a gift card!” then running an email marketing campaign via constant contact to our customer list, acceptable? We have never used any sort of fan gates or like gates in the past.


  • http://marketingland.com/ Martin Beck

    Hi Aaron,

    My understanding is that wouldn’t be kosher. Facebook wants to put and end to making liking a page a condition for viewing content or getting any other special favors. You can, I believe, ask people to like a post to enter the contest. Here’s a link to an official Facebook blog post with more information: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/page-promotions-terms

    Good luck,

  • Luis Alberto Lemus

    does this affects “social hotspots” (internet for likes) ?

  • Regina Rossito

    I think he meant when you have to be part of a group to see its content. That’s not gonna change. Those are different things as per my understanding.

  • http://marketingland.com/ Martin Beck

    Hi Regina. You are correct. This change won’t affect Facebook Groups at all.

  • ecto_morphed

    Martin, does your answer above apply also to FB ads as well? Ads that are aimed at increasing like of a business page?

  • http://marketingland.com/ Martin Beck

    No. Facebook hasn’t said it’s going to stop selling ads aimed at getting more likes for pages.

  • http://marketingland.com/ Martin Beck

    No. Facebook still offers ads aimed at increasing page likes. The policy change only ends the practice of hiding certain content from users who haven’t liked a page.