• http://marismith.com/ Mari Smith

    Hi Greg — thank you kindly for the mention. It seems there is now much speculation about the permanency of the new relaxed rules. A Facebook manager in Australia is saying something entirely different. I’m determined to get to the bottom of it! Facebook U.S. and Facebook Australia should get their story straight. ;)

  • Robert Jeffries

    Wow! The 20% text rule kind of stinks, we have tons of quote Facebook Covers over at http;//crazyfbcovers.com and now they will have to be removed due to this new Policy. I can understand if it is to do with marketing or some sort of Call to action but what if you like religious quotes? it seems that the 20% Rule will cause a lot of covers to be removed. Anyways, Thanks for this post, I am glad I cam across it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=618171451 Nate White

    The 20% rule isn’t new. Look at the one green check mark in the top screenshot marked “Old.” Though I haven’t seen it widely enforced, if at all. Maybe it will be enforced more often now that they’ve ditched the other rules?

  • Katie

    Are there any rules about using a ‘Like Us ►’ call to action on the cover pic?