• http://www.postplanner.com/ Scott Ayres

    Personally I hate seeing the same story over and over in my feed just because a friend or someone else commented on it.. Once i see it make it go away! My news feed sucks lately.. Eventhough I have liked about 5000 pages I see the same stuff over and over again…

  • http://www.swordandthescript.com/ Frank Strong

    I’d really like to see Facebook’s data about memes. The thesis contradicts everything we see day to day. Clever memes zip around the web, including Facebook, in no time.

  • http://www.netspeaksolutions.com/ Stephen J Dow

    I am SO SICK of Facebook. YUCK….

  • Yves Dropp

    I’m wondering how this is going to affect Geoge Takei’s posts. Very popular before, much less-so now?