• Tomáš Kapler

    what are the exact image sizes (so what formats we need to prepare for optimal effect with ads?)

  • AlaninMontreal

    Meh – it’s still Facebook though, even though it’s sporting a new “Google+” look today.

  • Level380

    Article clearly misses that Facebook was looking at google plus when coming up with the new design!

  • Alan

    Kind of like how Google had to look to Facebook for a new idea (Social Networking)

  • Alan

    Amazing how all the G+ fanboys rag on FB for doing this (whine whine blah blah they are copying G+ blah) Ummm Google copied Facebook for the whole Idea of a Social Network. Google no longer innovates, they just copy.

  • Level380

    haha you must be 12 years old then Alan, cause before facebook there was this thing called myspace……… Facebook isn’t new…… Facebook just rehashed another idea, just like they are stealing the google+ look and feel.

  • Alan

    MySpace? did you ever have an account? that place was barely Social. Kind of like Tumblr without the good bits! MySpace didn’t even know they were trying to be social and anyway. It is like saying geocities was social.

  • Liz P.

    The VIA Agency’s Chief Creative Officer had this to say about the latest newsfeed redesign http://bit.ly/YftgON

  • davidquaid

    Yahoo was doing Social 15 years ago Alan. with all the bullying and trolling and kids committing suicide on Facebook = better social?

    Facebook didn’t invent Social, people did.

  • davidquaid

    +1 Alan

  • http://mohamedmansour.com/ Mohamed Mansour

    You have done a great job of showing the old and new, thanks :) It would have been nice if the new Facebook layout allowed more space for the og image data so it can be a larger image instead of the same square in a two column layout.

  • totnuckers

    Sure and Facebook copied Friendster