• Brenda Ellison

    Our Facebook page has been missing insights the 15th too and yes, previously it was the 13th. What I don’t understand is how this very important social media company that has already struggled with page insights problems can let these kinds of issues persist.

    It’s bad enough to have good portions of our posts not shared because we are not paying to promote them. You can almost see it in the insights (what there are of them) and of course fans asking us why we haven’t been around when we are there every single day.

    Even more annoying are the continual pop outs asking you to promote your page. Really? It’s a sure sign for us to start developing all other major forms of social media…..and they are out there.

    They certainly have the money to invest in a team of experts to update, improve and continually monitor their processes. Stop developing new ways to make money and improve what you are not doing so well.

    This from a young man who said “Facebook will always be Free” forgot to add some insights into his redirected path.

  • philip

    for me, my metrics has been going down.. it seems there was an algorithm change..

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  • http://twitter.com/TotalSocialSln TotalSocialSolutions

    Are they all updated now? I just checked one client’s insights, and everything seems to be updating beyond the 15th.