• http://vandykhamsay.com/ Vandy K.

    Verified accounts, hashtags, embedded posts: à la Twitter.

  • http://markfrisk.com/ Mark Frisk

    Hmmm. As far as users interacting with the embed goes, clicking any of the elements (except the share icon) in your embedded example pops open a new tab with the original Facebook post. Almost defeats the point of embedding the post in the first place.

  • http://markfrisk.com/ Mark Frisk

    I am not crazy, really I’m not. The “like” icons, both at upper right and lower left, were popping open a new tab/window. Now it’s working.

  • http://printfirm.com/ Katherine Tattersfield

    This would be really exciting if WordPress plugins like this hadn’t been around for years.

  • http://www.skipser.com/ Arun

    Although Facebook says the feature is limited, it is not. Only the “embed link” is made visible to select facebook accounts. The embed code is fairly basic and consists of one parameter which is the post URL. Any body can embed any publicly shared Facebook post using the code. The code can be created manually or using this tool – http://www.skipser.com/527