• Dan Vuksanovich

    I’m guessing that link shares inside of images are somehow messing with internal metrics that FB is trying to track. Why else would they care about influencing behavior as it evolves naturally?

  • Sandro Galindo

    still slightly confused. so you’re saying the first format, the one showng The Atlantic is now the preferred method over the second type, shared by The Culinarian, correct?

  • http://www.nithin.net Nithin

    What happens if you use Buffer?

  • http://notgr33ndata.blogspot.com/ gr33ndata

    Let’s pay twitter a visit now. When you share a link on twitter, then people retweet you, those who see the retweets, will still see your name as well, and you will rest assured that the people who go hunt for news and useful stuff are always rewarded for their efforts by being accredited in a way. On the other hand, on Facebook, it is not the same. If a person (or a page) posts a link, and people share it, almost no one sees who is the original poster of that piece of content, unless you consider that “via link” a thing. Thus, page owners started to come up with their own trick by posting links inside photo captions. They do so, because photos preserve the accreditation much better. But, Facebook is an arse, and instead of fixing this accreditation problem, they decided to penalize those who does this trick. Why? Well, because they want to force page owners to spend more money on Facebook ads to get more traffic

  • Michele82

    My org uses Hootsuite to generate link shorteners for Facebook and Twitter. Now that Facebook tweaked it’s algorithm…and now that Twitter gives us analytics…what’s the purpose of using a link shortener?

  • http://www.wandastrickfaden.com Wanda Strickfaden

    Great post huge fan!

  • Zorbee

    what a freaking great idea. lets see… testing testing. http://www.goldleafph.us

  • intouchcrm

    Great post! I think it all boils down to efficiency and how user-friendly a link is. Obviously, clicking on an image that is a link is much easier (especially for mobile users) than finding the link in the description and clicking on it then. Always have the end user in mind.

  • Marcelo

    Bullshit! For my experience people prefer to link in Post has images and Videos, so much more Attractive . Great Post Danny Sullivan. See you again in the SMX for sure ;)