• bthesingh

    The top 25 apps basically are internet.

  • bsgies

    Where the hell is WhatsApp?

  • dock29

    Delivered a presentation this last week on email marketing performance as it relates to screen size and kpis…knowing that mobile has 60% digital share would have really shocked some.

    Thanks, as always, for your concise yet complete rundown of such interesting digital stats @gsterling

  • http://lolmmg.com ArianeatLOLMMG

    60% of digital media time spent on mobile, wow is all I can say. But I am definitely not surprised. This must be because mobile is just more convenient. Sometimes I have the option of getting up and going to my laptop but my smartphone is always by my side, so if I don’t feel like waiting for my laptop to load up, I will reach for my phone in a heartbeat. It’s pretty lazy, but true.

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