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    I initially thought as well that this was a subscribe button to the page and thought this would be a RSS killer. Of course, if you had thought about it a minute longer it becomes clear why this cannot be for the website without further setup (like what are the updates of this website which should go into such an subscribe). But of course we as website owners would have dealt with it in order to increase integration and I still believe that Feeds can be killed through facebook and alike.

    Now don’t get me wrong: I hate that RSS (and Atom) readers have not evolved so that fb can come in and take over. But in light of no advancement on feeds it is the logical next step.

    It does bring up new questions though for what I share on my facebook profile and brings up again the point of missing publishing options. You as the writer of this article might share this on your personal profile and become a public persona through this – but that means subscribe to you should have a different meaning than be one of your friends. Otherwise your family and friends will be annoyed by your business stuff.

    All of this would not be such a deal if Edgerank would not be in the mix. If I want to read your stuff, I will not necessarily interact with it – meaning that when I subscribe to you or like the page for your website, it is likely that I will exactly not what I ordered.

    *sigh* we will see where that goes.

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    For websites, what would be the benefit (read: difference) of subscribing vs. liking?  Wouldn’t both provide the same service?  I can see the benefit of being able to subscribe to Mossberg, etc., from his All Things D page, that provides new functionality not previously available.  Instead of introducing a whole new button, why not allow websites to set their rate of inclusion on “likers'” walls: “Show all updates on wall posts”.  I don’t see the reason for adding another button that mimics the Like button, and see a lot of confusion possibilities if websites add the (proposed) subscribe button while keeping their current Like button.

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    Kip, when you Like a page, you’re going to see by some estimates only 5 to 10% of the posts from that page.

    In contrast, when you Subscribe to a profile, you’re going to see as Facebook puts it, “Most Updates” by default.

    That’s the reason why you want to have a Subscribe button. But I think you get that — you just question why the Like button simply can’t work as the Subscribe button does, without us needing yet another button.

    Agreed, that would be great. Maybe Like for pages will change into Subscribe. That would be especially helpful because we have two different Likes going on — the ability to Like (kind of subscribe) to a Facebook page and to Like (kind of share) a page with others. The second Like is, of course, already confusing with the Facebook Share button. Now my head hurts.

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    Okay I think I get it. Subscribe button is primarily for people/individuals aka CEOs, writers, etc. who have profile pages instead of a fan page – is that right? If that’s the case it totally makes sense as it works similar to Twitter’s follow button.

    But I agree with @KipKniskern:disqus that for FB pages, there’s really no need to introduce another button. Perhaps FB can just let fans decide how much of a page’s update they’ll get on the news feed.

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    All that we really need is liking a page to be honored by Facebook. If I like a page, I want to see their posts. If it turns out that the posts do not interest me after all, I can just unlike the page.

    How hard would that be to deliver?!? Oh, that’s right… It would lower Ad revenue.

    Because, if people who liked pages actually got to see and comment on the content from those pages, their friends might see their comments in the ticker. And then those friends might be interested and might click through and might like the page. And what would that be? Oh yes, that would be SOCIAL Media. what a great concept!