• http://BullishData.com/ ReevesJB

    No. Look at the report – it compares data 3 years ago with data today. Many of the people who were in one age range in 2011 have sinced moved into a new group in 2014, and you see that reflected here. (E.g. 32% growth in users 25-34.)

    Social networking is going no where, and Facebook will almost certainly remain the digital identity broker of choice. I wouldn’t read too much into that drop in new registrants in the 13-17 year old range – that probably just reflects the fact that FB isn’t the *only* network available today, but it is definitely one of the most central. FB recognizes quite well that its future is in mobile, which is why it’s expanding quickly into other mobile app properties (Paper, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, etc).

    I think the key here from FB’s business perspective – as well as Google’s – is the brokerage of identities, from which their ad business is derived. FB is innovating quickly in that space, but it’s not alone, and that area is still wide open. Some more thoughts on that topic here: http://www.bullishdata.com/2014/04/29/digital-identity/

  • steve sexauer

    google play search is horrible. If you search on a foreign language for example, the results are often useless. Search Khmer and there are only a few apps aimed at english speakers and they don’t show them or if they do its way down in the results buried among those meant for native khmer speakers. They collect all this information from you and don’t bother to use it to improve the searches! I complained but they don’t care.