• http://journamarketing.com/ dbrazeal

    This is just getting exhausting. EXHAUSTING.

  • http://Www.widesmiler.com/ Lauren Lawton Perfors

    Designers and videographers, I think FB just bumped up your marketplace demand :-)

  • http://webquestionanswers.com/ Web Question Answers

    I follow the articles on this site and these are really woderfull

  • Cheryl Logan

    They are shooting themselves in the foot.

  • Shannon Dupler Hawk

    I am so tired, we all switched to text only because they were getting in front of more of our audiences. Now that’s not the case? Does this mean it will be shared with more people? Or same small amount of people but higher engagement?

  • http://www.BenjaminNewcomb.com/ Ben Newcomb

    Facebook is the only company that gets away with telling their customers what to do like this. Every other company on the planet has to do what the customers want to make money and to keep their customers.

    Now Facebook is telling us what we have to post….Twitter here I come!

  • Allen L. Boaz

    I think this is bad news for businesses who continually struggle to eek out as much exposure as possable. Video & pic content is often impractical & can have legal implications when children are the primary customers. Disappointing for our purposes & have noticed complaints from friends.

  • http://www.alanredd.net/ D Alan Redd

    C’Mon Guys – We all should know that this latest gig w/ Facebook is all about the money. How many Brands or Page Admins are going to pony-up the cash to stay in the game with their content exposure as it relates to Facebook since this so-called change? — What? — Brand pages don’t do as well textually as the private ones do? Really?.

    This whole deal boils down to “We’ll show your stuff more if you give us money” .. it’s just as simple as all of that. It’s not too unlike Google trying to force everyone on to Adwords with a Penguin … Shareholders need to have those dividends, and page managers and Brands are just the ones to foot the bill ..