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    This story is so off the target in terms of what small business need on Facebook. I would wager 90% of small businesses on Facebook are struggling with the platform:

    1) FB was designed for consumers not businesses and the Platform reflects these design parameters; SMBs are an afterthought.

    2) A Brand has to go through a personal page to even set up minor tab functionality or third party connectivity.

    3) Facebook does not support SMBs (Brands) in terms of even providing adequate Customer Service – no phone number, no email – typical of “high growth” social media platforms.

    4) Most SMBs on Facebook are much better off on Twitter or LinkedIn if they are targeting other businesses; Facebook should be an afterthought.

    5) Engagement and Reach on Facebook for a Business Page are held captive to Advertising.

    6) Insights as Analytics are crude, hard to understand, let alone use for conversion metrics.

    7) Facebook’s Power Editor only supports one browser flavor: Chrome.

    I get sick of reading all of these blog posts about how many SMBs (businesses) are “thriving” on Facebook. Sure, if your big National Brand you get five star support; but there are millions of SMBs struggling on this platform. If Facebook put meaningful R&D investment into Business Pages it would be great! See: MySpace.