• http://www.nolanchart.com/ Walt Thiessen

    I think it’s ironic that the Facebook conversation doesn’t allow any more input. I just tried to leave a comment of my own, only to find that there was no way to do it. Apparently, discussion had been stopped. That’s further proof to me that Facebook really DOESN’T want to discuss important topics.

    Here’s what I would have posted as my comment on that discussion, if allowed to.

    I would have pointed out that one person’s important news story is another person’s fish wrap.Hard-hitting journalism requires people to follow it … otherwise, what’s the point? And discussion facilitators have to decide whether they want to focus on what the dog did in the backyard or on what Boko Haram did in Nigeria.

    If, for a particular reader, the discussion facilitators (Facebook) decide that what the dog did in the backyard is more relevant for that reader, then it’s inappropriate for a Facebook exec to come along and complain about the lack of journalistic guts while simultaneously claiming, “I don’t work on Newsfeed or trending topics, so it’s hard for me to speak authoritatively about their role in the decline of media.”

    That’s the “it’s not my yob, mon” attitude, and it’s particularly counterproductive when the one complaining that it’s not his job is the one who raised the concern in the first place.