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    Facebook ads may be good for brand awareness improvement and for goods that are used by all people independently of their speciality like cars, clothing or CocaCola. Software ads fail on Facebook from my experience. 

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    Facebook Ads and Apps make an unique place in industry and try to get much user involvement in them. They are used by a lot of people to make more awareness and interaction to get their brand popularity. 

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    Let’s face it. Correlation does not equal causation, and that even the biggest and most powerful brands have trouble accurately attributing sales to their promotional efforts. There are just too many customer touch points before sales are made – it’s just unfair to say the first or last point of contact was the reason for the conversion.

    And so, Facebook likes, promoted posts, and fan count remain unquantifiable in terms of business value.

  • Will_Ashton

    What Coke and Ford clearly understand is that social
    ads should put your brand in a context that is easily digestible to users – a
    one size fits all approach just won’t work.  We used users anonymous
    online behavioural data to qualify audiences for brands.  By doing this,
    we have been able to provide high-quality fans to a global entertainment
    publication and major UK mobile telecoms that were 20 times more likely to
    display interest in becoming customers.

    Brands need to treat social as a new and separate medium to ensure positive
    ROIs on their direct response ads – we’ve done some work with a daily deals
    site (Cobone) and by simply using the tools available through standard Facebook
    ads and ensuring creative continuity in their ads click paths they maintain a
    strong ROI on their campaigns

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