• Chelsei Henderson

    I never did like the 2-column design of the Facebook pages… It didn’t translate well in my brain for reading chronologically. So, I’m all for these changes! :)

  • Avtar Ram Singh

    Same here – single stream layout will be a lot better in many cases, as long as the other column can be used for highlighting other stuff on the pages – like tabs!

  • lawclerkbeenthere

    My page was changed when I opened it this morning. The ads are much bigger now. I guess this is what they wanted.

  • lawclerkbeenthere

    Much prefer the 2 column – as I worked in law for 49 years, I am more accustomed to the 2 column layout.

  • http://www.theownerbuildernetwork.com.au David Wilks

    Most of these changes, but not all, have already been applied to my pages.

  • Big Boy Travel

    Tabs/Apps better be available on the new version!
    Also where are fan comments supposed to go?
    This move seems kind of stupid unless they let us customize the tabs on top or the large useless area on the left side of the new pages.

  • Idalid Ocampo

    i recently had mine changed when i logged into my pages there are some major changes i dislike but what i dislike the “likes tab”it is a invasion of privacy in the statistics of your pages and gives a negative impression of your page if it hasn’t gotten recent activity. if someone sees a visual line graph of your likes in a downward motion i can only imagine it will discourage others from liking your page. also the videos and post by others can no longer be featured on the main post column stream, they become more hidden so does the “like” button. please check out my page @ https://www.facebook.com/idalidDesigns/likes if you want to see fully what the new pages layout looks like.

  • http://www.pelgrimsplekke.com Filip Pelgrims

    With the “people also like” box in the new page design, our 3 main competitors are prominently showing up on our own brand page. What were they thinking? Stopped our FB campaigns, because I refuse to pay for a ‘landing page’ that links out to the competition.

  • http://www.charcoal-ink.com/ Kagem

    I hate this new design

  • http://www.charcoal-ink.com/ Kagem

    I couldn’t agree more. The design is awful

  • sophia pall

    Actually, I think Twitter does a pretty great job with their designs. To those saying it looks like Facebook, I call BS! Looks way better than Facebook, Twitter Page Design Services and everything is still laid out in an organized manner, again unlike Facebook lol.

  • Julie Sturgeon

    So how do you get a news feed as a business page? Or are you no longer allowed to switch from your personal profile to become the business name, seeing posts from other pages of other businesses you’ve liked?

  • MIchael Demsey

    These changes are good improvement to UI, but, will it really help Facebook Page Owners. I came across this interesting article which tells how facebook organic reach is declining and facebook is forcing businesses to pay more to reach to their own fans.


    I don’t know if I’m happy or sad with this change. I would rather like to see a change where the organic reach is increased.