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  • http://fredriknas.se Fredrik Näs

     I had a small question regarding this new feature, does the posts show on the feed of those who already follow your page, or completely new people with similar interests?

  • Matt McGee

    Hi Fredrik – it shows your posts to your existing fans. And if they interact with it somehow, that interaction shows in the newsfeed of their friends, too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=698232678 J.M. Midnite

    So, I’d be paying to show the posts that are already there to Fans who already liked my Page wanting more info to show them to potentially the entire number of people who asked anyway… Thanks FB, now I get why my responses on every page dropped, you reformualted it to make money. Douche move

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500515287 Bruce Rich

    So basically this is an admission of guilt that the newer ‘upgrades’ are nothing more than intentional crippling of the system in an effort to squeeze more money out of people for free content. Yeah.

  • http://pynk-nymphette.com/ Pynk Nymphette

    I would never pay Facebook for showing my posts. They constantly change up the algorithm so you never really know if your fans are going to see the posts or not. =[

  • Hill Nathon

    Do anyone know how to use facebook,twitter,linkin to do google SEO?

  • http://www.scottmanesis.me/ Scott Manesis-Coach-Consultant

    This is not a COOL feature at all. Basically this is saying that your fans won’t see your posts. I thought the whole purpose of liking a fanpage was to get the activity of that page in your stream?

    One more reason to use Google+ more. I sense Facebook declining. 

  • http://www.smashinbeauty.com SmashinBeauty

    This is basically the end of Facebook Fan Pages as we know it. Why would I pay facebook? I have twitter, google+, e-mails, pinterest, tumblr, myspace…etc. Facebook might lose many fan pages after this

  • Matt McGee

    If this was required, I could see it possibly encouraging business owners to drop their Facebook Pages. But since it’s not….

  • http://www.smashinbeauty.com SmashinBeauty

    but it is required. Now when you post a status update you only reach around 500 or 700 max followers. If you want to reach more you have to pay $5/ $10 / $20… $75 for 14,000 followers…etc

  • Matt McGee

    No, it’s not required at all. And it’s ALWAYS been the case that you don’t reach all of your followers with every status update. Do some research on the Edgerank algorithm – not new.

  • Yair Spolter

    Doesn’t this run counter to everything FB is supposed to be doing for the user – algorithmically finding me the content that I most want to see. Now, I will see the content that fetched the most $$$. Sounds like a big bad move. Do you think that this is justified? Doesn’t it turn FB into one big advertising market?

  • FollowMeSticker

    Someone should do a comparison between Google Search Ads (the text ones that are at the top of the search results) and these new Promoted Posts. I know they are quite different / hard to compare… but if you do compare them please send details my way!