• Kavin Paulson

    Facebook’s desperation to come up with a viable revenue
    model in order to sustain stock price is quite understandable. But in the
    process Facebook shouldn’t end up bombarding users’ new feeds with
    advertisements frequently and thereby seriously compromising user experience.

  • http://twitter.com/jezziebezzie Jacquie G

    I think they’re missing the mark. I respect the ads on the sidebar. And unlike most places, I appreciate those ads being served to my interests & I click through them quite regularly. In contrast, I find the ads in my newsfeed very obtrusive…to the point I don’t want to click through. And further I haven’t found any of those sponsored ads serve me or my interests.
    Did FB check with users at all?

  • Cheri C

    I haven’t found any interest in the ads. They are annoying and I wish there was a way to block them!!!

  • srn

    I hide the “suggested post” (the little arrow on the upper right of the “post”), and then when it asks if I want to hide everything from that sponsor, I do that, too. I hope Facebook gives the sponsors a report of how many people are now hiding everything from that sponsor as a result of their intrusion!