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    Very insightful article!  Please check out my quick post on Google’s Search Plus Your World and join the comments section: http://bit.ly/xIdnPT

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    This is a fantastic overview Danny. Really great stuff. I agree with you wholeheartedly about this being a departure from Google’s traditional expansion into new verticals for search. This is “exclusive dealings” which is generally considered a no-no in anti-trust suits. 

    I think one important point to note is that in social networks, the social graph is the product. Facebook is successful as a company because it can leverage what it knows about content and relationships to sell ads. In order for Google to truly integrate Facebook in the way it has Google+, Facebook would need to provide the majority of that social graph and the content it creates directly to Google – a competitor. Unlike the bundling case against Microsoft for Internet Explorer, where there was a quick and easy remedy of also bundling competitor software, the integration of Google+ into Google Search is much more difficult because it requires so much greater a sacrifice on Facebook or Twitter’s part. 

    Furthermore, you would be hard pressed to make the argument that Google need only appease Twitter and Facebook, or maybe MySpace, to avoid concerns. One of the beauties of “the algorithm” is that it has generally been agnostic to networks – relying on organic factors to determine what should rank. Cherry picking the big networks and adding them in is unlikely to appease a court, IMHO.

    We will see how this turns out, but I don’t really see a future for this level of exclusive integration of Google+

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    Point is. Google DOESN’T need to promote competitors in its SPYW. Why would they advertise them without a process to profit from? Google is no a charitable company nor a public’s. You won’t pay me to be IN my product yet want all the traffics? You can well roll off.

    What I really see is: if Facebook or Twitter don’t open up then there won’t be a future case in which Google+ becomes an audacity for a problem to Google and its Social Search. SPYW is not based purely on algorithm per say, unlike its objective counter part. And it is a completely optional product besides Google+.  

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    I just wish the toggle button defaulted to normal search and going to personal was the option. 

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    Informative piece on ‘Search Plus’! But wondering about Facebook/Twitter cry out! Don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong! 

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    Great overview. I’m getting lost in all the informative articles this piece links off to. 

    I agree with Jeff, I think the search default should be normal with a toggle to personalize.