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    I have to admit, I was lured to this post by the first sentence–well done! I am a HUGE advocate of using social media for marketing purposes, but in agreement with you, not in using traditional marketing (cold-call/push) methods to connect with prospective customers. The relationships made via Twitter, Facebook, or any other social platform need to be genuine. I like to think of social media as growing a community, sharing knowledge, and listening to what other people in my field, as well as other businesses in my community might be saying. In short, it IS, a tool, but it must be used carefully and genuinely. Thanks for the interesting read! 

  • http://twitter.com/acmasterpainter Andy Crichton

    I was advised to view Twitter more as a pub than a sales convention. 

    Walk into your local and first time announce: ‘Hi , Im Andy and Im here for all your hand-painted kitchen needs.”  I imagine it would go down like a lead balloon. But go in and listen politely, add a bit to a conversation without taking it over, then talk about what you saw on the news, or what happened to a mate of yours, or did you see the game, or did you try the new iPhone 26Z  it’s not great…? 

    Eventually if the group you hang out with like you, they will talk about you in their chats, and eventually if they trust you, someone will ask you if you can give them some advice on painting, or ask for a quote or whatever. But as you say, Twitter for cold call sales pitches, aaargh.