• http://profile.yahoo.com/2ZJ5ZVVHYOQQN36QXSVIUUREBQ dza

    Google really needs to implement friendly urls to the Google+ profiles. That’s one of the reasons companies don’t use those addresses on flyers, tv campaigns and so on. The Google+ profile url is way too big and looks quite strange.. no way you would post that on some printed stuff. 

  • http://facebook.com/sociallycongruent Phyllis Khare

    But think about it. It’s taken how many years for any of them to mention a social network at all! And Facebook is 8 years old. I bet their social media managers were trying to get G+ in the marketing, but probably got a lot of resistence to it. It’s hard enough to carve out precious time in a commercial to add those words (Facebook and Twitter), or give up screen space for them.

  • http://www.JosephHolguin.com j0seph

    I saw these hashtags in the commercials and checked them out on twitter. I found that Bud Light had no twitter accounts that were interacting with the tweets for #MakeItPlatinum, so I made an account and started interacting with these tweets. I feel like this was a big missed opportunity, but they might have done this because they didn’t want to have the liability of interacting with people under the age of 21. You can see my blog post at http://bit.ly/wI9KAO