• Kevin Lee

    Indeed Programmatic buying is on a tear. I’m gonna try to get to the meat of it myself in a Fire-Side chat event for the eMarketing Association next month in NYC. Feel free to ping me for a discount code (as moderator I have some).

  • Evan Wallach

    RE: the question to the readers: don’t forget about the advantage that the domain level transparency of programmatic buying bestows over a traditional, blind ad network buy. As the industry got smarter about optimizing towards *the right* KPIs, the need for that kind of impression level data became crucial to justifying significant marketing investments in display.

  • Ratko Vidakovic

    Right on. Agencies and marketers love that transparency and efficiency are at the core of RTB and programmatic buying. Definitely a huge factor behind the growth.

  • Amjad Puliyali

    I would say the recent jump due to (Social / Native) FBX and Twitter, which we can classify into Programatic buys in Social platforms…

    @ratkovidakovic:disqus Question on the Video, I would love to see – if you can bring in dynamic/personalised videos into this mix, is there any one doing currently?