• http://twitter.com/geugeniocontent Gene Eugenio

    This bodes well for ad retargeting.

  • http://battleoflongtan.reddunefilms.com/about/ Martin Walsh

    Great data and insights but I’m sorry to say that it appears slightly flawed (in relation to display advertising).

    My peers and I stopped using CTR as the performance indicator for banner ads years ago. There’s been many studies now showing importance of display advertising influence on lead generation / purchasing but CTR is not attributing that influence and therefore is the wrong KPI.

    If Bizible is simply using CTR on banner ads to determine first or last touch then the report is flawed and significantly understating influence/performance of display advertising.

  • Pat Grady

    Glad to see more and more discussion on Multi-Touch Attribution, these
    conversations are long overdue. Also like your ending comments about
    certain buckets being combined, it’s important! Google Analytics needs
    to make a better effort to separate branded and unbranded into separate
    buckets, as it is now, it corrupts analysis, and removing keyword data
    has only made it worse. The Assist / Closes ratios, in Analytics MCF
    module for example, are nearly meaningless because of branded and
    unbranded being mixed. But oh boy, for any particular store, you’ve got
    to know some details to separate these two buckets. I think GA should
    have an interview process, by keyword, to complete the branded vs
    unbranded profile. Fire a 30 keywords at me, let me tag them as branded
    or not, then Algo takes it from there. Give me data to review now and
    then, where I can nudge the B-vs-UnB algo with more clues (for specific