• Pat Grady

    Is it also a password manager?

  • aaronstrout

    Pat – not to my knowledge.

  • LHPP

    Another great place to get and write passes is http://www.PassPages.com !

  • aaronstrout

    Thanks LHPP — my list was definitely NOT comprehensive so I appreciate you (and anyone else) sharing good resources.

  • Daleyaj

    Thanks Aaron – I like the promise of Passbook, however, the way Apple rolled it out and explained it seems very poor. I’ve downloaded the sample apps such as Target, AA, etc. but it just seems like it downloads those as separate apps. How does information from those apps get into passbook?

  • http://www.mikelangford.me/ Mike Langford

    Great analysis Aaron! I agree and would that Passbook’s use of a simple bar code is the killer delivery mechanism. When the iPhone 5 was released many Android fans bemoaned its lack of NFC (near field communication) but the reality on the ground is that almost every retailer and gate in the modern world is equipped with a bar coder reader to process coupons and tickets. Working with this existing infrastructure is a winner.

  • http://twitter.com/pjbrayzen PJ Verh0ef

    Although I welcome the interest of Apple in the “mobile wallet” space, as it stimulates general awareness of the tech category with “the normal people”, it remains to be seen whether it is going to beat competitors in this space. I thought the same of Friend Finder at the time, but the implementation is so weak that it pales I comparison to e.g. Foursquare. For example, trying to find friends that use the app is prohibitively difficult in a very oxymoronic twist.

    It would be interesting to see the MAU stats on that app as it could say something about Passbooks chances. Unlike with the “check-in city guides” apps however, Apple has to compete with .dozens. of agile companies that are innovating in this space. Google’s wallet looks more mature, but I’d worry more about Paypal, or acquire eBay ;-)

  • aaronstrout


  • aaronstrout

    Mike – agree. And thanks!